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odb10Das Projekt FreeFormsBeans wurde gegründet um freien java code (LGPL) für Oracle-Forms Applikationen zu veröffentlichen. Im Downloadbereich befinden sich die zugehörigen Files.


The Timers you can create in Forms with CREATE_TIMER had a sideeffect i dont remember ;-) so i needed a workaround.
That's why I wrote this bean. It implements creating of timers, creating of repeating timers cancelling of timers.

There would be several possibilities more you could implement for example scheduling the timer for a specific date
or time or delay the first execution of the timer. So if somebody needs this, let me know i will take a look what
i can do for you.

Bean for inheritance that implements useful tools I often need when i am programming Beans/PJCs
-) logging mechanism that can be turned on from forms (SET_DEBUG_OUTPUT)
-) getMainEngine and getTopFrame method

Lets you remote control another form.